4th of July

12 Mile
Street Bike Ride


Street Bike Ride

presented by the
Scripps Ranch Old Pros

Dust off the bikes and air up the tires!

The 4th of July 12 Mile Street Bike Ride is designed as a family fun ride. It is an easy ride touring around scenic Lake Miramar two times, then down the hill to Hoyt Park where the festivities await.

Course Map

Street Bike Ride Information

This is a ride, not a race.

The bike paths and roads are open to the public. Please be respectful and courteous of all other riders, hikers, walkers and our furry friends!

Craft Beer


Sip sip, hooray! We’re bringing all your favorite local craft beers back to this year’s beer garden.

Did we mention it’s free with your registration? Bring your ID and bib to the garden entrance and we’ll get you right in.


thru May 31
June 1 – July 2
July 3 – 4

under 12

thru May 31
June 1 – July 2
July 3 – 4

Top Notch

These patriotic sweet babies are light, breathable, and made from a super soft cotton Tee.

They’re the very best shirts we’ve ever made, and every participant gets one free with registration.

A Really
Good Cause

Every year the Old Pros donate tens of thousands of dollars to youth scholarships and youth sports in Scripps Ranch.

When you sign up to run or ride with us, you’re helping us fund these efforts to give back to the community. 60% of the proceeds from this event go directly to support student athletes.

Party in
the Park

Red, White, and You.

After you cross the finish line, the fun is just beginning.

Join us in Hoyt Park for the best after party in town where we’ll have live bands, a (free!) craft beer garden, inflatable slide, silent auction, sponsor booths, treats for the kids, and so much more.

Bib, Shirt & Merch
Pick Up

Want to pick up your t-shirt, bib, and merch a little early?  We’ve got you covered.

We’ll mail your bib directly to you for an additional $5.00 if you register by June 16th. Bibs are mailed out between June 1 – June 21. Contact us if you haven’t received your bib by June 26th.

Pick your bib and t-shirt at the Farmer’s Market on June 20th between 4PM-8PM

Pick your bib and t-shirt at Black Mountain Bicycles on June 22nd between 11AM-2PM

Pick your bib and t-shirt at RoadRunner Sports on June 30th between 10AM-2PM

Pick your bib and t-shirt at Hoyt Park on July 3rd between 4PM-7PM

Pick your bib and t-shirt at the check-in table on July 4th before your event starts.

The Run check-in tables open at 5:50AM and are located at the intersection of Aviary and Red Cedar Drive.

The Bike check-in tables open at 6:00AM and are located at the intersection of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Hibert St.

& Check-in

Parking is available on Treena Street and in the parking garage at Cush Plaza: 10620 Treena Street. Please do not park in No Parking areas or in private parking lots or you may have your car towed.

The Check-in tables open at 6:00am and are located at the intersection of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Hibert St.

Start &
Finish Lines

The 12 Mile Street Bike Ride starts at 8:30am on July 4th.

The Start Line is at the intersection of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Hibert St.

The ride finishes at Hoyt Park. The course closes at 11:30am.


Your bib must be attached to an outer garment or to your bike frame so that it is visible. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the course. Keep your bib with you after you ride as it provides access to many post-ride amenities.

Your Safety

Please obey all traffic laws and regulations. All roads and paths used for the course are open to normal traffic. Watch for other bikes, cars, and pedestrians. The course will be marked with Scripps Ranch Bike Ride signs and red arrows. Sweep vehicles will provide transportation back to the Finish if needed.

There will be a slew of Marshalls to point you in the right direction and help with minor mishaps.

Aid stations are provided on all courses. The aid stations will provide water, fruit, snacks, and limited bicycle repair. If you get a flat tire or need a ride, please get a message to the next aid station and a vehicle will be sent to your location. If you require emergency medical assistance, call 9-1-1.

Bike repairs are provided by Black Mountain Bicycles. If you have a mechanical need or require other assistance on the course, call (858) 220.7961 for Run & Ride Help. (This phone number is also on your bib.)


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Our Sponsors

Ever wonder how we’re able to keep the 4th of July Run & Ride so darn affordable every year?

Well, the truth is… we get a ton of help from our generous sponsors and community partners. Their support is invaluable, and we couldn’t pull it off without them.

If you love kicking off your 4th of July in Scripps Ranch as much as we do… I’d like to encourage you to give this logo gallery a hard look to see if any of these fine folks might be a good fit.

Want to partner with us on this year’s event?  Let’s talk.

Scripps Ranch Dental
Mercer Advisors
Hawthorne Cat
Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Sudberry Properties
Yanni's Bar & Grill
Pure Water San Diego
Scripps Ranch Orthodontics
Floaties Swim School